Century of Endeavour Addenda

JJ archive material received via Carmodys circa 2006

(c) Roy Johnston 2010

This was in boxes and is now on bookshelves; some may have gone to the RDS, or to the Dublin outposts of Boston College and Notre Dame.

Books possessed by JJ in Nenagh 1972; front room, case 2, shelf 6.

Sullivan, Alex M; New Ireland: political sketches.. (memoir of 30 years of public life);
. Cameron Ferguson, Glasgow, 1877 (fragile copy, no cover).
Ashe, Robert; On the Tercentenary of Trinity College (prize poem); Hodges Figgis 1892.
An Craobh Ruadh; first edition ca 1913 of publication by Belfast Gaelic League; bi-lingual;
. contains among other things promotion for St Enda's by PH Pearse.
"Unificus"; Ireland's Opportunity: a plea for settlement by conference; PS King, London, 1916;
. Preface by WF Trench; Prof of Eng Lit, TCD; author was serving in British Army.
Webb, John J; Municipal Government in Ireland; Talbot Press 1918.
Flood, JM; In Five Provinces (unconventional wanderings in Ireland); Kiersey, Dublin 1918.
de Blacam, Aodh; Towards the Republic (in memory of James Connolly); Kiersey, Dublin 1918.
Page, William (ed); Commerce and Industry: statistics from British Empire from 1815; Constable 1919.
Walsh, Louis J; "On My Keeping" and in Theirs (prison camp memoir); Talbot/Fisher-Unwin 1921.
NE Bounday Bureau; Handbook of the Ulster Question; Stationery Office, Dublin, 1923, 2 vols.
Bigger, FJ; Crossing the Bar (post-mortem beliefs and legends); Erskine Mayne, Belfast, 1926.
Qureshi, Anwar Iqbal; The Farmer and his Debt; Indian Rural Reconstruction League, London 1934;
. signed by JJ in 1940, autographed by author.
J Inst Bankers in Ireland, April 1933; contains article by JJ on world crisis.
Robson, RB; Autobiography of an Ulster Teacher; Dorman, Belfast, 1937 (2nd ed).
The Banker; Sept 1938; contains section on Irish banking including article by JJ.
Price, M Philips; Russia through the Centuries; Allen & Unwin, London 1943.
SSISI Centenary Volume 1847-1947; ed RD Collison Black; Eason, Diblin 1947.
Dublin Magazine, July-Sept 1951; contains review of Berkeley's works ed AA LUce.
Fox, RM; Louis Bennett, her life and times; Talbot 1957;
. inscribed "Joe from LL, 20 August 1958"
Moody TW (ed); The Fenian Movement; Thomas Davis Lectures 1967; Mercier, Cork 1968.

There is more material to come; the foregoing is an initial sample. It looks like a selection he thought worth bringing down to Nenagh when he vacated his rooms in 39 TCD circa 1970.

Box labelled JJ Final Selection Nenagh 1972

Folder labelled 'reviews' ca 1971 relating to his book.
2 folders tied together labelled 'topic essays on Q / New Book on Querist'
Folder labelled 'Freedom of Commerce and the Agricultural Interest... a series of essays on Irish economic history...
Small notebook 'Notes on the History of the Theory of Money'...
2 stapled collections of essays relating to Berkeley.
Draft material from 1960s in a folder 'Common Market and the Common Man: misc essays on banking.
Small black notebook relating to his 1916 trip to France looking at war agricultural production.
Folder labelled 'Irish Economy ina World Perspective (Statist 1964) but alas empty.
Folder labelled 'common market stuff from the 60s'
Folder unlabelled containing a General Economics (paper? notes?) relating to 1920s & 1930s.
Science notebook containing an MS in excellent writing by 'Utis' on 'Profits' dating probably from 1920s,
. with marginal notes (at level of 'NB') in visibly JJ's writing.
Appendix to above with statistics etc, in a separate notebook
Folder 'misc essays', ca 1971, on credit etc; also some reviews.
Folder with 2 unpublished critical essays on 'Dublin a national capital?'...
Envelope labelled 'misc essays on Berkeley'.
Envelope labelled 'Berkeley Theory of Credit' containing several typescripts.
Folder 'misc essays' some on Berkeley, some on the Common Market.
Green folder 'Common Market stuff' contains Crotty material.
Folder with some misc material, from his last days, but some Berkeley material,
. including a 1938 reprint from Keynes' Economic Journal: the Monetary Theories of Berkeley.
The foregoing material suggests he had a sequel in mind: could this interest Salim Rashid? RJ.

This last group, listed below, JJ had labelled 'unimportant', presumably in relation to the earlier material, which was mostly scholarly and rooted in his Berkeley mission. I have transferred what follows to a box with mostly family material in it, referenced to the Century bibliography.
Purple folder labelled 'RJ stuff' containing some Irish Times cuttings and some correspondence.
Folder with Inland Waterways material.
Purple Folder with Barney Heron Wooden Houses material.
Folder with some trivia ralating to my sister Maureen.
Purple folder with material relating to Geddis
. (a cousin of mine who was something of a 'black sheep', went to Argentina in the 1930s and then died in the war, in Libya)
Envelope containing early letters from my mother.
Folder labelled 'trivia (family)' dating from 1927
Folder labelled Spendlove, sale of Dundrum house.
Envelope with TCD Board material re Fellowship; also Max Henry obit.

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