Literary Criticism, Literature, Drama etc

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We list these in groups in order of date of publication. The grouping is subject to change as the list develops. The selection is based on the existence of some, perhaps tenuous, relationship with the Century narrative. Some have gone to Notre Dame (2) and Boston College (6), and there may be a few of interest in the Labour History context (5), or in various niche libraries. Please contact RJ rjtechne at iol dot ie.

Fiction, mainly world-political: attic case 8 shelf 1L

Gulliver's Travels; Jonathan Swift 1726, Nelson Classics, ca 1950.
5? A Dream of John Ball; William Morris ca 1885, Seven Seas Books 1958.
Under Fire; Henri Barbusse 1916, JM Dent 1926-46.
Metamorphosis etc; Franz Kafka 1916-33, Penguin 1961.
5? Love of Worker Bees; Alexandra Kollontai; New York 1927-31; Virago, London. 1977.
The Unvanquished (1776 etc); Howard Fast, John Lane the Bodley Head 1947.
The Storm; Ilya Ehrenburg, Hutchinson, London, 1949.
The Eyes of Reason; Stefan Heym, Cassell, London, 1952.
Spartacus; Howard Fast, the Bodley Head 1952.
Heroes of the Empty View; James Aldridge, Bodley Head, London, 1954.
The 13th Juror; Steve Nelson, Paul List verlag, Leipzig, 1956.
Out of the Dust; Lars Lawrence, Seven Seas, Berlin, 1958.
The Cross and the Arrow; Albert Maltz; Seven Seas 1958.
A Season of Fear; Abraham Polansky, Seven Seas Books, 1959.
Old Land, New People; 9 GDR authors; Seven Seas, 1960.
5? One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich; Alex Solzhenitsyn, Penguin 1963.
Corridors of Power; CP Snow, Macmillan, London, 1964.
A Time to Speak (memoir of 1938 Czech refugee); Helen Lewis
. (fwd Jennifer Johnston), Blackstaff 1992.
Songs on the Deaths of Children; Ronit Lentin, Poolbeg 1996.
. This is a critical look at Israel by a Jewish author

Fiction, Irish-political: attic case 8 shelf 1R

Woodbrook; David Thomson 1974, Vintage 1991.
Renegade; Marjorie Quarton, Andre Deutch, 1991; review and correspondence with RJ.
The Gardener; Seamus Dunne, Wolfhound 1993. Multi-cultural issues in in Irish small-town context.

Drama and related works: attic case 3 shelf 3R

The Apple Cart; GB Shaw, Constable, London, 1930, Hollander Collection.
Aeschylus & Athens; George Thomson 1941, Lawrence & Wishart 1950.
A Good Man Fallen Among Fabians; Alick West, Lawrence & Wishart 1950.
Back to Methuselah; GB Shaw, revised edition, Oxford UP 1945; Hollander Collection.
Paul Duncan; Film Noir (trust & betrayal); Pocket Essentials, Harpenden 2000-2.

Essays etc: attic case 8 shelf 2L

Essays of Elia; Charles Lamb 1823, Red Letter Library, London 1903 edition, introduction by Augustine Birrell.
5? The Mind in Chains: Socialism and the Cultural Revolution; ed C Day Lewis, F Muller, London, 1937.
. includes essays by JD Bernal, Anthony Blunt, Alan Bush, TA Jackson and others.
Unfinished Ireland: Essays on Hubert Butler; ed Chris Agee; Irish Pages 2003.
In the Land of Nod; Hubert Butler; ed Neal Acherson; Lilliput 1996.

Literary Criticism: attic case 8 shelf 2R

The Allegory of Love; CS Lewis, 1936; Galaxy/OUP, 1958.
Charles Dickens; T A Jackson (1930s); International Publishers, New York, 1987.
Studies in European Realism; George Lukacs, Hillway, London, 1950.
Old Friends to Keep; TA Jackson, Lawrence & Wishart 1950.
Introduction to the English Novel; Arnold Kettle, Hutchinson 1951, 2 vols.
Camus; Conor Cruise O'Brien, Fontana/Collins 1970.
5? Marxism and Poetry; George Thompson, Lawrence & Wishart, 1975.
Letters of Sean O'Casey (vol 1); David Krause (ed); Cassell 1975.
Doris Lessing's Africa; Michael Thorpe, Evans bros, 1978.
Heritage Now; Anthony Cronin; Brandon 1982.
Austin Clarke: a Critical Introduction; Maurice Harmon, Wolfhound 1989.
3. Minotaur: Poetry and the Nation State; Tom Paulin, Faber & Faber, 1992.
Jonathan Swift: the Irish Identity; Robert Mahony, Yale UP 1995.
The Gothic Family Romance; Margot Gayle Backus; Duke UP, 1999.
Elizabeth Bowen; Eibhear Walshe (ed); Irish Academic Press 2009.

Poetry: attic case 8 shelf 3L

3,6,1. Listen Mangan; Ewart Milne, Three Candles, 1941.
New Bats in Old Belfries; John Betjeman, John Murray, London, 1945 (AE Johnston).
3,6. Later Poems; Austin Clarke, Dolmen Press, 1961.
Madrigals; Francis Warner, Fortune Press, London, 1967.
Faber Book of Irish Verse; ed John Montague; Faber & Faber, London, 1974.
3. November; Andre Frenaud, tr by John Montague & Eveyn Robson, Golden Stone, Cork 1977.
3. 41 Sonnet Poems 82; Anthony Cronin, Raven Arts Press, 1981.
3. Four Letter Verses and the Mountbatten Award; C Desmond Greaves, Martin Brian & O'Keefe, London, 1983.
3. Reports from the Present; Tom Leonard; Jonathan Cape 1995.
3. The Betrayal: poems by Michael D Higgins; Salmon Publishing, Galway, 1990.
Crediting Poetry; Seamus Heany; Nobel Lecture; Gallery Press, 1995.
The '98 Reader: an Anthology of Song, Prose and Poetry; Padraic O'Farrell, Lilliput, 1998.
3. Elephants against Rome; C Desmond Greaves (posthumous), Leirmheas 1999.
See also in additional section

Biographical: attic case 8 shelf 3R

Critics and Crusaders: a Century of American Protest; Charles A Madison, 1947;
. Frederick Ungar, New York, 1959-69.
The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti; Howard Fast, People's Books Co-op & the Bodley Head 1954.
Winston Churchill as I knew him; Violet Bonham Carter, Eyre & Spottiswood and Collins, London, 1965.
Solzhenitsyn, Alexander; Cancer Ward 1968; Penguin 1971.
Kopolev, Lev; No Jail for Thought 1975; Penguin 1979.
3,6,5. Dublin Belles: Conversations with Dublin Women; Mairin Johnston, Attic press 1988.
3,6. Great Northerners; Art Byrne & Sean McMahon, Poolbeg Press, 1991.
3,6. Company: a Chosen Life; a memoir by John Montague, Duckworth, London, 2001.

'Marxism' in this context, primarily USSR experience: attic case 8 shelf 4L

The White Guard; Mikhail Bulgakov 1926, Collins/Fontana 1971-73.
Virgin Soil Upturned; Mikhail Sholokhov 1932, Putnam, London, 1948.
Students; Yuri Trifonov, a Stalin Prize novel, FLPH, Moscow, 1953.
Peter the First; Alexey Tolstoy, Lawrence & Wishart 1956.
Lenin on Literature and Art (1901-18), L&W, London, FLPH, Moscow, 1963-98.
We Are Soviet People; short stories by Boris Polevoi, FLPH Moscow 1949.
The Road to Life: an Epic of Education; AS Makarenko, Foreign Languages Publishing, Moscow, 1951.
A Book for Parents; AS Makarenko, FLPH Moscow 1954.
5? The First Circle; Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Collins/Fontana 1968.

Quarterlies etc which are not primarily political or scientific: landing, shelf 3L

Studies (published by the Jesuits): I have Winter 1964; I also have occasionals, eg:
. Autumn 1993 which has Neil Porter (UCD Physics) on the energy crisis, and
. Spring 1996 which has Dave Alvey on the Thomas Davis tradition.
Atlantis, ed Seamus Deane et al: I have #3 Nov 71...
The Crane Bag, ed Richard Kearney; I have copies from 1981, 82, 83 , 84 and 85, perhaps more.
Historical Materialism 1997/1, 1998/2, perhaps more in boxes..
Dublin Review 13 - 16, 2003-4.

Transferred elsewhere

Those coded 1 are with the RDS, 2 are with Notre Dame (Dublin), 5 with Labour History and 6 with Boston College (Dublin).

1. Irish Studies Review, published from U of Bath; I have a complete run from #1 to #20 (1992-7), and also a complete run of the new format beginning in 1998 up to the present (2008).
1. Books Ireland, ed Jeremy Addis: a reasonably complete series.

2. Laoi Oisin ar Tir na n-Og; Micheal Coimin 1750, bilingual, ed T Flannery, MH Gill, Dublin ca 1924, (JJ).
2. The Midnight Court, Merriman (ca 1780?), tr Frank O'Connor, Maurice Fridberg, London, 1945 (AE Johnston).
2. Standish O'Grady; Talbot Press edition, circa 1919, JJ:
. The Triumph and Passing of Cuchualain;
. In the Gates of the North.
2. The Tailor and Ansty; Eric Cross 1942, Mercier Press 1970-75.
2. The Irish Tradition; Robin Flower 1947, Clarendon, Oxford, 1966.
2. The Dalkey Archive; Flann O'Brien, MacGibbon & Kee, London, 1964.
2. The Rough Field; John Montague, Dolmen Press, 1972;
. inserted is the 1983 Sun Hymn for Gerry Wrixon's solar energy milking parlour!).
2. Dead as Doornails: a Memoir; Anthony Cronin, Dolmen Press, 1976.
2. Identity Papers; Anthony Cronin; Co-op Books, Dublin, 1979.
2. Heritage Now: Irish Literature inthe English Language; Anthony Cronin, Brandon, 1982.
2. The Crane Bag Book of Irish Sudies; ed MP Hederman & R Kearney, Blackwater Press, 1982.
2. No Laughing Matter: life and times of Flann O'Brien; Anthony Cronin, Paladin 1990.
2. Nine Ulster Lives; G O'Brien & P Roebuck, Ulster Historical Foundation, 1992.
2. Jonathan Swift: the Irish Identity; Robert Mahony, Jale 1995.

2. The Irish Review, ed Kevin Barry et al; Cork UP; complete series 1 to 12 (1986 to 1992) and then 17/18 1995.
2. Irish Pages, edited by Chris Agee from the Linenhall Library, Belfast; I have the complete set from Summer 2002, 6 issues to 2008, 1/2, 2/1, 3/1, 3/2, 4/1, 4/2.

In Box BC3:
6. Thy Tears Might Cease; Michael Farrell 1963, Arrow Books, London, 1968-79.
6. Seadna: a Fantasy in Verse; Joy Rudd, Samuel French 1954.
6. The Splendid Years: recollections of Maire Nic Shiubhlaigh, as told to Edward Kenny; James Duffy, Dublin, 1955.
. with Appendices and Lists of Irish Theatre Plays, 1899-1916.
6. Sean O'Casey: the man and his work; David Krause; McGibbon & Kee, London, 1960.
6,1. Brendan Behan's Island (with Paul Hogarth); Hutchinson, London, 1962.
6. The Lifted Staff; play by Conor Farrington, Saor-Ollscoil Press, Dublin, 1990 (signed copy).
6,1. The Boys (MacLiammoir & Edwards); Christopher Fitz-Simon; Nick Hern, London, 1994.
6,1. Spiked: Church-State Intrigue and the Rose Tattoo; G Whelan with Carolyn Swift; New Island, Dublin, 2002.
6,1. Essays on Life and Literature; Robert Lynd 1918..., JM Dent, London 1951.
6. The Charm of Ireland; Stephen Gwynn, Harrap, London, 1927.
6. The Best of the Bell; ed Sean McMahon, O'Brien Press, 1978.
6,5,1. Books by Hubert Butler:
. Escape from the Anthill, Lilliput 1985.
. Independent Spirit, Farrar Straus & Giroux, New York, 1996.
6,1. GB Shaw and 'The Dictatorship fo the Proletariat'; R Palme Dutt, Labour Monthly, 1951;
. includes reprint of GBS's 1921 article.
6,1. Malachi Stilt-Jack; Brian Farrington (a study of Yeats), Connolly Publications, 1966.
6. A Golden Treasury of Irish Verse; ed Lennox Robinson; Macmillan, London, 1930.
6. Others to Adorn; Oliver St John Gogarty; Rich & Cowan, London, 1938; preface by WB Yeats.
6. Poems from Ireland, ed Donagh MacDonagh, pref by RM Smyllie, Irish Times 1944 (AE Johnston).
6. Oliver St John Gogarty; Ulick O'Connor, Jonathan Cape 1964, JJ & CJJ golden wedding.
6. Swift: an illustrated life; Bruce Arnold, Lilliput, 1999.

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