Scientific Culture and National Identity

Roy H W Johnston

(revised 31/10/97; comments to author: rjtechne at iol dot ie)

Table of Contents

Appendices (related material, reviews etc, published subsequently)

  • Appendix 1: The British Association in Ireland;
    a paper originally published in the Crane Bag, Forum Issue, Vol 7 no 2, 1983; ISSN 0332-060X.

  • Appendix 2: Science in a Post-Colonial Culture.
    a critical essay published with drastic cuts in the Spring 1990 Irish Review; this is the authentic uncut version.

  • Appendix 3: Science in India: a Review.
    This review was published in the Feb 1997 issue of the International Science Policy Foundation journal 'Science and Public Policy'. The book reviewed was "The Science of Empire" by Zaheer Baber, published by the State University of New York (1996); ISBN 0-7914-2919-9 hbk $71.50 / 0-7914-2920-2 pbk $23-95

  • Appendix 4: The Practical Arts in Irish Culture,
    a critical essay published in the first Causeway issue 1993, under the title 'Godless Colleges and Non-Persons'.

  • Appendix 5: Life and Times of JD Bernal FRS,
    a chapter in the Institute of Physics 2003 publication 'Physicists of Ireland'

  • Appendix 6: Bernal Institute: a Possible Approach?
    A paper based on an assessment of the June 1 2006 Bernal seminar held in the Limerick Institute of Technology, with Institute of Physics sponsorship.

  • Appendix 7: Charles Mollan's 2 volume 'Who Was Who' reviewed.
    Notes picking out a selection of biographical sketches of interest to the international physics community, and also perhaps to the global Irish Studies network.

  • Appendix 8: Books Ireland review of Phil Coleman's 'On Literature and Science'.
    This series of essays is based on the 2005 meeting of the British Association in Dublin; it is linked to the Mollan publication above.

  • Appendix 9: In EASTS (East Asian Science, Tecnology and Society) Vol 5 #2 2011:Global Networking: the Core-Fringe Problem an analysis of the June 2010 STEP conference in Galway, suggesting its potential global significance.

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