The Jonathan Dean Swift Seminar Series

Annual Symposia on Jonathan Swift

Conducted at The Deanery of St. Patrick's, Upper Kevin Street, under the general direction of Dr Robert Mahony (Catholic University of America),

This website record of the St Patricks Cathedral Swift symposia, initiated by Dr Bob Mahony in 2002 and continued in subsequent years, was prototyped by Techne Associates in 2002 and 2003. The feasibility having been demonstrated, the 2004 and 2005 symposia were taken over by the University of New Hampshire, and partially completed. This process however ran into difficulties outside the control of the people concerned, and the editing of the 2006 symposium proceedings returned to Techne Associates in Dublin. Some work was done on the 2007 seminar, and then steps were taken to explore whether the 2008 seminar might be taken care of by the University of Ulster, but these initially got stalled, due to various misunderstandings. Steps are now being taken, belatedly, to complete the record of the series up to 2009, and to fill in the missing years insofar is possible. RHWJ 19/10/2009.

Outline Programme, 16-17/10/2010; under development here

Outline Programme, 17-18/10/2009; under development here

Outline Programme, 18-19/10/2008; under development here

Outline Programme, 19-20/10/2007; under development here

Professor Claude Rawson (Yale University) on Swift's Poetry
Swift, Denis Johnston and the Irish Theatre; a round-table discussion chaired by John Harrington (Rensselaer Institute, USA)
Swift in Ireland; panel discussion chaired by Regina Janes (Skidmore College, USA)
Professor James McLaverty (University of Keele, UK) on Swift and Faulkner
Applying and Misapplying Swift's Politics; a round-table discussion chaired by Stephen Lalor (office of the President of Ireland, retd)
Dr Toby Barnard (Hertford College, Oxford, UK) on Swift, Saint Patrick and Sermons; introduced by Andrew Whiteside (St Patrick's Hospital, Ireland)
The Dreaming Dust; play by Denis Johnston, performed by the Indiana State University Department of Theater, directed by Chris Berchild.
Discourse during Evensong, Sunday October 21: Professor Elizabeth Malcolm, Higgins Chair of Irish Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia

Outline Programme 21-22/10/2006 (programme under development here):

Louise Barnett: Laces, Brocades and Tissues: Swift, Women and Finery
Frank Boyle: Swift, Science and Ireland
Toby Barnard John Lyon and Irish Antiquarianism at the Time of Swift
Mary Shine Thompson: Swift's Childhoods
Response: Alan Downie

Discourse during Evensong, Sunday October 22: Dr Philip O'Regan: Archbishop King and Dean Swift

Outline Programme 15-16/10/2005 (programme under development here):

[reconstruction is proceeding. Ed.]

Bruce Arnold: (Title?)
Professor Ann Cline Kelly: Written in Stone: Swift's Use of St. Patrick's Cathedral as a Text
Dr Joseph McMinn: The Prosecution of Power: Swift's Defence of Ireland
Norma Clarke: Writing About the Small Fry
Response: Dr Ian McBride
Discourse during Evensong, Sunday October 19: Eugene McCabe

Outline Programme 16-17/10/2004 (incomplete programme here):

Andrew Carpenter: A Tale of as Tub as an Irish text (summary)
Heather Young: Satire is a Virus: Generic Inhabitation and Transformation in Swift's Tale
SJ Connolly: Historians and Literature: The Problem of Evidence

Discourse during Evensong, Sunday October 17: WJ McCormack, Jonathan Swift as Spiritual Ancestor

Outline Programme 18-19/10/2003 (full programme and papers here):

Valerie Rumbold: Hand in Hand to Posterity: Reading Politics in Swift and Pope
Christopher J Fauske: The 'Radical' Jonathan Swift: the Full Back's Dilemma
Christine Gerrard: Swift, Queen Caroline and the Wild Boy of Hanover
Ian Higgins:,The Politics of "A Modest Proposal"
Claude Rawson: Dean Swift: The Politics of Satire - a Concluding Overview

Discourse during Evensong, Sunday October 20: Professor Denis Donoghue: Swift's Thoughts on Religion

Outline Programme 19-20/10/2002 (full programme and papers here):

Anne Barbeau Gardiner: Swift and the Idea of the Primitive Church
Michael DePorte: Public Certainties, Private Doubt: Swift in and out of the Pulpit
Ruth A. Herman: The Dean and the Dissenters
W. J. McCormack: Swift and "The Day of Judgment"
Brean S.Hammond: Dean Swift: The Satirist and his Faith - a Concluding Overview

Discourse during Evensong, Sunday October 20: Dr Robert Mahony: Swift and Sin


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