Critical Political Publications

revised and updated 26/12/05

We list these in groups in order of date of original publication. The grouping is subject to change as the list develops. There are books here of interest in the Labour History domain, and in the Irish Studies domain; codes 5 for Labour History and 6 for Boston College. There is material here perhaps of interest to a niche research libraries specialising in critical analysis of the global Left, also the feminist movement; in this context I am open to suggestions. Please contact RJ rjtechne at iol dot ie.

European, US and Global Left; attic, case 3, shelf 1

Prince Petr Kropotkin 1902; Mutual Aid; Pelican 1939 ed HL Beales.
Rosa Luxembourg, Imperialism and the Accumulation of Capital; Allen Lane the Penguin Press, 1972.
Regis Debray 1967; Revolution in the Revolution? Pelican.
Giulio Girardi 1968, Marxism & Christianity; Gill & son, Dublin.
. ed Massimo Teodori 1969, The New Left: a Documentary History; Jonathan Cape, London.
John Gerassi 1971, Towards Revolution; Weidenfeld & Nicolson.
. Vol 1 China, India, Asia the Middle East;
. Vol 2 the Americas.
Roger Garaudy 1972, The Alternative Future: a Vision of Christian Marxism; Penguin 1976.
Noam Chomsky 1973, The Backroom Boys; Fontana/Collins.
Jean Ellenstein 1976; The Stalin Phenomenon; Lawrence & Wishart, London.
Santiago Carillo:
. with Regis Debray & Max Gallo 1976, Dialogue on Spain; Lawrence & Wishart.
. 1977, Eurocommunism and the State; Lawrence & Wishart, London.
Jean-Francois Revel 1976, The Totalitarian Temptation; Secker & Warburg.
Eurocommunism: Myth or Reality; ed PF della Torre, E Mortimer & J Story, Penguin 1979.
Richard K Debo 1979, Revolution and Survival; Liverpool UP.
Ronaldo Munck 1986, The Difficult Dialogue: Marxism and Nationalism; Zed Books.
Communist Regimes: the Aftermath; Socialist Register, 1991; ed Ralph Milliband, Leo Panitch.
Hanna Behrend 1995 (ed), German Unification: the Destruction of an Economy; Pluto Press.
Bahman Azad 2000, Heroic Struggle, Bitter Defeat; International Publishers, New York.
Istvan Meszaros 2001, Socialism or Barbarism; Monthly Review Press, New York.
R Keeran & T Kenny 2004, Socialism Betrayed; International Publishers, New York.

History, Philosophy, Politics in Britain; attic, case 3, shelf 2

Perhaps some of the 'background' material elsewhere should be here? There are many potential 5s.

William Cobbett 1830, Rural Rides; Penguin 1967-73.
Thomas Carlyle 1843, Abbot Samson etc; JM Dent, London, 1934.
Joseph Chamberlain 1880-92; A Political Memoir; ed CHD Howard, Batchworth Press, 1953.
William Morris 1890, News from Nowhere; Nelson Classics, ca 1950.
Hans Grimm & Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell, 1897-7; England's Darwinist War against Germany;
. ed Brendan Clifford, Athol Bools, 2001.
RH Tawney 1922-6, Religion and the Rise of Capitalism; Pelican 1966.
JE Neale 1934, Queen Elizabeth I; Pelican 1971.
JL & Barbara Hammond 1935?, The Rise of Modern Industry; Methuen, London, 1937 ed.
Milton Waldman 1946, Elizabeth and Leicester; Reprint Society, London, 1946.
Maurice Cornforth 1950, In Defence of Philosophy aganst positivism and Pragmatism; L&W.
New Fabian Essays (1952); ed RHS Crossman 1970, JM Dent, London.
Maurice Ashley 1957, The Greatness of Oliver Cromwell; Collier Books, New York, TW Moody collection.
James Harvey & Katherine Hood 1958, The British State; Lawrence & Wishart.
ed James Klugman 1966, Dialogue of Christianity & Marxism; Lawrence & Wishart.
EJ Hobsbawm & G Rude 1969, Captain Swing 1830s agrarian etc; Penguin 1972.
ed Frank Bealey 1970, The Social and Political Thought of the British Labour Party; Weidenfeld & Nicolson.
Noreen Branson & Margot Heinemann 1971; Britain in the Nineteen Thirties; Panther 1973.
EP Thompson 1978 The Poverty of Theory; Merlin, London.
S Rowbotham et al 1979, Beyond the Fragments: Feminism and the Making of Socialism; Merlin, London.
3. J Lynn & A Jay (eds):
. The Complete Yes Minister; BBC 1984.
. Yes Prime Minister (Vols I and II), ibid, BBC 1986.
Jeremy Paxman; Friends in High Places: Who Runs Britain?; pb Penguin 1990.
Heart of a Heartless World in memory of Margot Heinemann; ed D Margolies &M Joannou, Pluto 1995.
4. Jonathan Dale et al; Faith in Action: Quaker Social Testimony 2000; 2nd ed Quaker Books 2007.

World Peace Movement; Attic, case 2, shelf 1L

These books are a reminder of a time spent with Sean MacBride in the Irish UN Association, and with the Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, in an attempt to influence global events. We here give priority to topic tather than author.

Les Secrets de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale; Grigori Deborine, Editions du Progres, 1972.
The Near-Nuclear Countries and the NPT; SIPRI (Stockholm) 1972.
World Armaments and Disarmament; SIPRI Yearbook 1975, MIT Press.
Two Memorable Meetings: Elbe 1945, Moscow 1955; Alex Ustinov, FLPH, Moscow, 1975.
The International Peace Bureau; ed Sean MacBride, IPB Zurich, 1977.
The Lockheed Papers; David Boulton, Jonathan Cape, 1978.
World Armaments and Disarmament; SIPRI Yearbook, 1980; Taylor & Francis, London.
Power Structure Research; ed G W Domhoff, Sage, London, 1980 Peace and Disarmament: Academic Studies; ed NN Inozemtsev, Progress, Moscow, 1980.
Nuclear War: the Facts on our Survival; Peter Goodwin, Ash & Grant, 1981.
The Second World War: Essays in Military and Political History; ed Walter Laqueur, Sage, London, 1982.
Resort to Arms: International and Civil Wars, 1816-1980; M Small & JD Singer, Sage London, 1982.
World Assembly for Peace and Life.. Prague 1983; Final Act (working papers).
. also: List of Participants.
Do you Want to Die for NATO? Patrick Comerford, Mercier Press, Cork, 1984.
Sub-Regional Conference for the World Disarmament Campaign; UN, April 1985, Jonkoping, Sweden.
The Role of Scientists in Preventing and Arms Race in Outer Space; ed V Landa, Academia, Prague, 1986.

Colonial and Post-Colonial situations; attic, case 1, shelf 5R

Some of these are perhaps code 7?

R Palme Dutt 1927, Modern India; CPGB 1927.
3. James Johnston (my uncle, JJ's elder brother, ex Indian Civil Service.)
. The Political Future of India; PS King & co, London, 1933.
. Hindu Domination in India; self-published, Jersey, 1935; 2 copies.
Gandhi: an Autobiography 1948; Jonathan Cape 1966.
Henri Alleg 1958; La Question; with
J-P Sartre; Une Victoire; in one volume published by le Cite, Lausanne, 1958.
Franz Fanon:
. 1959, A Dying Colonialism; Pelican 1970.
. 1961 The Wretched of the Earth; Penguin, 1967.
Erskine B Childers 1960, Common Sense about the Arab World; Gollancz 1960.
Mao Tse-Tung & Che Guevara Guerrilla Warfare 1961; (into by Capt BH Liddell Hart), Cassell.
Rene Dumont 1962, L'Afrique Noir est Mal Parti; editions du Seuil.
Maurice Dobb 1963, Economic Growth and Underdeveloped Counries; Lawrence & Wishart.
George Pendle 1963, A History of Latin America; Pelican (JJ).
T Walter Wallbank 1964, Documents on Modern Africa; van Nostrand/Anvil.
Ho Chi Minh 1967, Revolution; ed BB Fall, New American Library.
Ernesto 'Che' Guavera 1968 (intro by Fidel Castro); Bolivian Diary; Jonathan Cape/Lorimer, 2 copies.
G Krasnoc & A Chekhutov 1975, Developing Countries: Problems of Foreign Economic Relations; Novosti.
Basil Davidson 1969, The Liberation of Guine: Aspects of an African Revolution; Penguin.
Indira Gandhi 1975; India: speeches and reminiscences; Hodder & Stoughton.
Frank Kitson 1977, Bunch of Five; Faber & Faber.
Bart Moore-Gilbert 1977, Post-Colonial Theory: Contexts, Practices, Politics; Verso.
Richard Attenborough 1982, In Search of Gandhi; Bodley Head.
C Grahan & W Maley (eds); 1999 Irish Studies Review; special issue on post-colonial theory; Carfax/Taylor&Francis.
3. Said K Aburish 2000, Saddam Hussein: the Politics of Revenge; Bloomsbury.
* C Carroll & P King 2003; Ireland and Post-Colonial Theory; includes afterword by Ed Said; Cork UP;
Terra Sancta School; Diaries from Palestine 2000-04; Sisters of St Joseph, 2004.
4. Katherine von Schubert; Checkpoints & Chances (Israel/Palestine); Quaker Books, 2005.

Feminism etc; landing, shelf 2.

books prefixed with 3 are stored in Nessa's room, due to potential priority family interest.

Simone de Beauvoir:
. 1949The Second Sex; Penguin 1972.
. 1964 A Very Easy Death; Penguin.
. 1966Les Belles Images; Fontana.
Margaret Meade:
. 1950, Male and Female; Pelican.
. 1970 Culture and Commitment; Panther 1972.
Evelyn Reed 1969, Problems of Women's Liberation: a Marxist Approach; Pathfinder, New York.
Juliet Mitchell:
. 1971, Woman's Estate; Pelican.
. 1974 Psychoanalysis and Feminism; Penguin.
Sheila Rowbotham 1973, Woman's Consciousness, Man's World; Pelican.
3,6. Women in Irish Society 1978: the Historical Dimension; ed Margaret McCurtain & Donnacha O Corrain, Arlen House.
3,6. June Levine 1982, Sisters: the personal story of an Irish feminist; Ward River Press.
Dale Spender (ed): Feminist Theorists (over 3 centuries); Women's Press, London, 1983.
Marilyn French 1985: Beyond Power: on Women, Men and Morals; Jonathan Cape, London.
Ann Wiltshir; Most Dangerous Women (WW1 peace campaigners); Pandora. London, 1985.
Betty Friedan:
. 1983, The Second Stage; Abacus/Sphere.
. 1994 The Fountain of Age; Vintage.
Germaine Greer:
. 1984-5, Sex and Destiny: the Politics of Human Fertility; Picador.
. 1986 The Mad Woman's Underclothes; Picador.
. 1992 The Change; Penguin.
. 1993 The Female Eunuch; Harper-Collins/Flamingo.
More Missing Pieces 1985; ed Therese Caherty, Attic.
Caught up in conflict 1986; ed Rosemary Ridd & Helen Callaway; Macmillan Education.
3,6,1. Katie Donovan 1988; Irish Women Writers: marginalised by whom? Raven Arts Press, Dublin.
Mary Condren 1989; The Serpent and the Goddess; Women, Religion and Power in Celtic Ireland;
. Harper & Row, San Francisco, 1989.
Ten Dublin Women 1991; Women's Commemoration and Celebration Committee, preface by Monica Barnes TD.
Ethna Viney 1996, Dancing to Different Tunes: Sexuality and its Misconceptions; Blackstaff.
3,6. Women of Ireland 1996: a Biographic Dictionary; Kit & Cyril O Ceirin, Tireolas, Co Galway.
3,6. Mondays at Gaj's: Irish Women's Liberation Movement; Anne Stopper, Liffey Press 2006.

Irish socio-economic and political criticism

This can be sub-divided into political establishment elsewhere, while below we have broad-spectrum national criticism, as well as analysis, criticism and polemics on behalf of the Labour, Republican and Ecological movements. Most of these are perhaps 6?

Broad-spectrum critical: attic, case 3, shelf 3L.

Hugh Brady; Inishkillane: Change and Decline in the West of Ireland; Penguin 1973-4.
The Politics of Dishonour; TP O'Mahony, the Talbot Press, 1977.
The Centre Cannot Hold; Tom Collins, preface by Sean MacBride, Bookworks Ireland (samizdat), 1983.
Operation Brogue (Brtish vilification of Haughey); JM Feehan, Mercier Press, Cork, 1984.
Ireland: why Britain must get out; Paul Foot, Chatto Counterblasts no 2, Chatto & Windus 1989.
Web of Punishment (an investigation into imprisonment); Carol Coulter, Attic Press, 1991.
Consensus Voting Systems; PJ Emerson, self-published, 1991.
Labour, Nationalism and Irish Freedom; Daltun O Ceallaigh, Leirmheas, Dublin, 1991.
Revising the Rising; ed Mairin Ni Dhonnchadha & Theo Dorgan, Field Day, Derry, 1991.
Maastricht and Neutrality; J Maguire & J Noonan, People First/Meitheal, Cork 1992.
Teilhard de Chardin i gCuibhrinn Eireannach; Risteard O Glaisne, Coisceim, 1994.
The Politics of Consensus; PJ Emerson, 2nd edition, 1994.
Black Hole, Green Card: the Disappearance of Ireland; Fintan O'Toole, New Island Books, Dublin, 1994.
Inventing Ireland: the Literature of the Modern Nation; Declan Kiberd 1995, pb Vintage, London 1996.
Turning the Page without Closing the Book; Bill Rolston, Irish Reporter 1996.
Britain & Ireland: Sovereignty & Nationality; Daltun O Ceallaigh; Learmheas, 1996.
Seeking a Political Accommodation; Roy Garland, Shankill Community Publications, 1997.
The Northern Irish Crisis; Daltun O Ceallaigh, Learmheas, 1997, 2 copies.
Irish Republicanism; Daltun O Ceallaigh, Learmheas, Dublin, 2000.
For Protestant Self-Determination; Christopher M Hussey, Dunesk Press, 2001.
Defining Democracy: Decisions, Elections and Good Governanace; PJ Emerson, de Borda Institute, 2002.
How Ireland Cares: the Case for Health Care Reform; Dale Tussing; New Island, Dublin 2006.
40 Shades of Green; Des Geraghty; Real Ireland Design, 2007.
Interrigating Irish Politics; William Kingston; DUP 2007.

What Made 'Now' in Northern Ireland? Jonathan Bardon et al; NI Community Relations Council 2008.
The Bankers: how the banks brought Ireland to its knees; Shane Ross; Penguin Ireland 2009.

Labour Movement: attic, case 6, shelf 1L

Sean Cronin 1963, Wolfe Tone; Dublin Directory, Wolfe Tone Bicentenary.
Ireland's European Tradition; J de Courcy Ireland, Vanguard Publications, 1970.
Quotations from James Connolly; 3-part anthology; ed Derry Kelleher ca 1980; part 3.
Fooled Again? Anthony Coughlan; Mercier Press, 1986.
Republicanism and Socialism in Ireland; Priscilla Mettscher, Peter Lang verlag, Frankfurt, 1986
3,5. James Connolly, Collected Works; intro by M O'Riordan; New Books Publications, 1987.
Letters from the New Island; ed Dermot Bolger; Raven Arts 1987-91; Anthony Cronin et al.
The Economies in Ireland; T Moriarty & M Morrissey, MSF 1988.
Breaking the Deadlock: a Way Out of the Northern Impasse; Robert Heatley,
. Campaign for Democracy / Fulcrum Press 1991.
3. James Connolly: a Full Life; Donal Nevin, Gill & Macmillan 2005.

Republican Movement attic, case 6, shelf 1,mid

Ecological Movement Attic 5.3R

The Natural Way of Farming; Masanobu Fukuoka, Japan Publications inc, 1982.
Children of Chernobyl; Adi Roche, Harper-Collins/Fount 1996.
1? Books by Richard Douthwaite:
. The Growth Illusion; Lilliput 1992.
. Short Circuit (local economics and security). Lilliput 1996.
. The Ecology of Money, Green Books 1999;
. Before the Wells Run Dry; ed Richard Douthwaite, Feasta/Lilliput, 2003; Convergence conference proceedings
Greens in the European Parliament; Diana Johnstone, Green Group 1994.
The Little Earth Book; James Brughes, Alastair Sawday, Bristol, 2000.
Divided Natures; French Contributions to Political Ecology; KH Whiteside, MIT Press, 2002.
Telling it Like it Is: 10 year of Unsustainable Development in Ireland; (ed) Earth Summit Ireland, 2002.
Gaian Democracies: redefining globalisation and people power; Roy Madron & John Jopling,
. Green Books, for Schumacher Society, 2003.
Fearing Sellafield: Colum Kenny, Gill & Macmillan 2003.
A Journey to Change (25 years of Green Party); Dan Boyle, Nonsuch 2006.
Fleeing Vesuvius; ed Richard Douthwaite & Gillian Fallon; Feasta 2010.

Serious Critical Periodicals

[The locations of the following needed to be re-defined in the aftermath of the first downsizing move; most are in the attic, some on shelves. RJ 01/01/09.]

Modern Quarterly; this was published by Lawrence & Wishart for the CPGB and edited by John Lewis; it became in 1954 the Marxist Quarterly, edited by Emile Burns. There probably was some political pressure behind this change; both attracted contributions from serious Marxist intellectuals, including Bernal, Burhop, Berger, Dobb, Hobsbawm, Hill and others. I think it eventually foundered after the Hungarian episode. RJ. We have the following issues, in an incomplete series: Vol 3 1948 2; Vol 4: 1-4; 5 1,2,4; 6: 1,3,4; 7: 1,2,4; 8: 1-4. Then in its new guise we have in 1954 Vol 1: 1,2 and then 2: 1,2; 3: 2,3. Attic, top of stairs, box bkgrnd 3.

Science and Society, edited by Bernard Stern in New York; I have Vol 19 #3 (Summer 1955); vol 21 #1 & #4; vol 25 #4, vol 25 #4; vol 26 #1. Authors include du Bois, Lamont, Cornforth.

Survey: a journal of Soviet and East European Studies; July 1966, on the 23rd Party Congress.
Socialism and Democracy, eds Brown / Rosegarten, for an international study group; I have issues 4 to 9, 1987-89; it seems I dropped this in favour of NLR.

New Left Review (FR 3.1L): I have occasionals prior to 1991, and then a reasonably complete series from 1991 to 2004, when I was a subscriber. I gave up, finding the academic orientation and lack of relevant praxis unproductive. I have 31 (1965) which has Conor Cruise O'Brien on the Congo, 84 (1974) which has Brecht on Lukacs. 87-88 (1974) which has Adorno on Sartre and Brecht, and Medvedev on Russia and Marxism, and 187 (1991) which has Grundmann on Ecology and Marxism, as well as stuff on the Gulf War, Bush, and Chomsky. So I must have been buying seletively. Landing, large case, shelf 4.

Nature, Society and Thought (NST), edited by Erwin Marquit from the University of Minnesota, is perhaps an indicator of the emergence of a new wave of critical Marxism in the US; I picked up Vol 10 #2 with its paper on Klaus Fuchs, had some e-mail exchanes with the Editor, and then discovered that I had picked up Vol 5 #3 in 1992; this contains a serious analysis of the background to the fall of the USSR in critical Marxist terms by Hans Heinz Holz in Germany; I had read this at the time and annotated it.

Left Curve; issues 24 and 25, 2000 and 2001, published irregularly from Oakland, California; there is representation in the editorial group from Ireland via Des McGuinness in the DCU School of Communication.

International Socialism *92; published by the SWP, Britain; I have the Autumn 2001 issue with analysis of the Genoa events.

Imprints: a Journal of Analytical Socialism: published in Britain by an academic critical socialist network; it comes out 3 times per annum and I have a complete run from its beginning in 1996 up to Vol 3 #3 Spring 1999. I reacted positively to an interview with John Roemer in June 1998, on 'Socialism's Future' and considered making contact; there are e-mails, but the contact lapsed. In Spring 1999 there is a good analysis of the Sokal affair by James Ladyman, but despite this it seems that I failed to renew, perhaps because ofincreasing pressure to get going on the book Century of Endeavour.

Monthly Review, edited by Paul Sweezy et al from New York; I have Vol 48 #6 and #8, Nov 96 and Jan 97; also Vol 50 #3, July/Aug 98. I was a subscriber in the 1950s, but these have got lost, alas. I have a positive recollection of the Sweezy-Huberman papers in Cuba, which I found helpful at the time. I have taken it up again as from Vol 61 #3, July-Aug 2009; this is in landing, RH case, shelf 4R

The following group is located on landing, RH case, shelf 3, also shelf 4R:

Historical Materialism, published from LSE: I have 1997/2 and 1998/2; I had hopes of developing the 'left-green convergence' concept but there were obstacles, mainly regarding praxis.

Dublin Review: I have Issues 13 to 16 (2003-4) but I discontinued this, as it seemed to lack critical focus.

Irish Political Review, from Oct 2007 to August 2009 continuing; attic, top of stairs.

Studies Autumn 5=2005, Irish Review spring 1990, International Socialism 108 (autumn 2005), Tony Cliff Marxism at the Millennium, Journal of Cross-Border Studies spring 2006, Monthly Review 61/3, July-Aug 2009.

The following group was located in FR3.2R in Belgrave Rd; it needs to be re-allocated to defined locatins in the Meadowbank attic:

Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, vol 34 #2, 1995; this contains abstracts from the 25th annual food science and technology research conference, held in UCC in September 1995. I must have attended it, because I had ringed the names of certain authors, presumably with a view to contacting, in the context of Green political development.

Bullan (Oxford Irish Studies): I have Winter/Spring 1996, which has Daniel Albright on Yeats and Science-Fiction (unconvincing), but more relevantly Kevin Whelan on the Origins of the Orange Order.

The Irish Reporter: I have Feb and June 1996; this was an attempt to produce a serious critical quarterly; it had papers from Gerry Adams, Martin Mansergh, Declan Bree, Ruairi O Bradaigh, John Hume, Declan Kiberd, John Robb, Nuala Ahern and many others. These issues pre-dated the Good Friday Agreement and may have contributed to the latter. For some reason I failed to keep it up, or maybe it ceased publication. The latest Google reference is 1998.

Feasta Review, ed John Jopling & Richard Douthwaite; I have 2 copies of the first issue (2001), and one copy of the second (2004); these are basically conference proceedings; compendia of international expertise on the energy question.

I have not yet found a good approximation to what I feel is necessary in the 'critical review' genre, either in the Irish context or in the global, though I have hopes in the global Marxist genre for NST, with whose editor I am currently in touch. I am hoping to find, in both national and global contexts, a quarterly-type publication which covers the 'science and society' type of analysis: the role of scientific knowledge as an element of the capital stock, the dynamics of the interface between the knowledge discovery process and the processes of production, and the role of working people. It would also need to devote some attention to the differentiation of this process between 'imperial core' situations and the 'post-colonial fringe' situations.

There is a further group located in Attic, case 1, bottom shelf.

Statistical and Social Inquiry Society, annual Proceedings continuous from 1965 to date.

Transferred, or for transfer

Those coded 2 are with Notre Dame (Dublin), 5 boxed for Labour History Society; 6 mostly with Boston College (Dublin) (BC2); for any bracketed numbers (n) above, or code 3, the outside interest is noted, but they are still needed here by JWJ or by RJ.

temporarily mislaid:
5. Against Ulster Nationalism; Brendan Clifford, Athol Books, 1992.
5. Labour in Irish History; James Connolly 1910; New Books reprint 1967.
6. Irish Education: the Case for Secular Reform; David Alvey, Athol/Church&State, 1991.
6. Saothar (J Labour History Society, in Ireland) Vol 1 no 1 May 1975; also issues 5 to 15 (1990), 2 copies of 12, with my review of the Mettscher book; then 27, 28.

Box LH3 for transfer to ILHS:
5. Labour, Nationality and Religion; James Connolly 1910, New Books reprinted 1969.
5. J Ramsay Macdonald MP, ~1920s; The Socialist Movement; Williams & Norgate, London;
. from TW Moody's collection dated 1934, but was owned by Belfast Co-op.
5. Antonio Gramsci 1957, The Modern Prince and other writings; Lawrence & Wishart.
5. Fifty Years of Liberty Hall; fwd by John Conroy, ITGWU 1959.
5. The Best of Connolly; ed P Mac Aonghusa & L O Reagain; Mercier Press, 1967.
5. EP Thompson; 1963, The Making of the English Working Class; Pelican 1968.
5. Rosa Luxembourg Speaks; Mary-Alice Waters (ed), Pathfinder, New York, 1970.
5. Robert Kilroy-Silk 1972, Socialism since Marx; Allen Lane the Penguin Press.
5. Workers' Co-operatives: Potential and Problems; M Linehan & V Tucker (eds),
. UCC/Bank of Ireland Centre for Co-op Studies, 1983.
5. Robert Skidelsky 1995-6, The World After Communism; Macmillan.
5. Snakes and Ladders; Fergus Finlay, New Island Books, Dublin, 1998.

6,1. CV Wedgwood 1939, Oliver Cromwell; Duckworth, London, 1939 - 62.
6,1. Christopher Hill 1940, The English Revolution 1649: Three Essays; Lawrence & Wishart, 1940-49.
6. The Formulation of Irish Foreign Policy; Patrick Keatinge, Inst of Public Administration, 1973.
6. Ireland and the Threat of Nuclear War: the Question of Irish Neutrality; ed Bill McSweeney;
. Dominican Publications, 1985.
6. Conor Cruise O'Brien 1962, To Katanga and Back; Hutchinson, 1962.
6,1. The Creed of the Celtic Revolution; P Berresford Ellis, Medusa Press, London, 1967.
6,1. Sit Down and Be Counted; Jack Dowling, Lelia Doolan, Bob Quinn; Wellington, Dublin, 1969.
6. Conor Cruise O'Brien Agus an Liobralachas; Risteard O Glaisne; Clodhanna Teo, 1974.
6. The Case for Divorce in the Irish Republic; William Duncan, Irish Council for Civil Liberties, 1979-82.
6. The Rise and Decline of Fianna Fail; Kevin Boland, Mercier Press, 1982.
6. A Citizens' Inquiry (the Opsahl Report on NI); Andy Pollak (ed), Lilliput 1993.
6. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: the Politics of Irish Beef; Fintan O'Toole, Vintage 1995.
6,1. Derry Kelleher publications; these were 'samizdat', under a series of imprtints:
. Quotations from James Connolly: an Anthology in 3 parts; parts 1 and 3; circa 1971.
. Republicanism, Christianity and Marxism; Vanguard Publications 1, circa 1972.
. On to the Republic; Ripening of Time 14, 1982.
. Coalition? Justice Books 1, ca 1984.
. Garret's Bloodshed Scenario; Justice Books 2, ca 1986.
. The Perversion of Science and Technology in Ireland; Justice Books 4, ca 1986.
. Who Now are the Men of Violence?; Justice Books 5, ca 1987.
. Home Rule as Rome Rule; Justice Books 7, 1996.
6,1. The Politics of Irish Freedom; Gerry Adams, Brandon, 1986.

2. George Gilmore 1935, The Irish Republican Congress; revised by author circa 1966, Cork Workers Club, circa 1975.
2. Socialism and Nationalism; James Connolly, ed Desmond Ryan; Three Candles, 1948.
2. Labour and Easter Week; James Connolly, ed Desmond Ryan; Three Candles, 1949.
2. The Workers' Republic; James Connolly, ed Desmond Ryan; Three Candles, 1951.
2. Sean Cronin: . 1963 Wolfe Tone; Dublin Directory, Wolfe Tone Bicentenary.
. 1971 The Revolutionaries (short biogs of 9 national leaders from Tone to Mellows); Republican Publications, Gardiner Place.
. 1973 Freedom the Wolfe Tone Way; with R Roche, Anvil Books, Tralee.
. 1980, Irish Nationalism: ...roots and ideology; Pluto Press (missing 03/09 RJ).
2. Bulmer Hobson 1968 (at age 83), Ireland Yesterday and Tomorrow; Anvil Books, Tralee, 1968 (MC Carmody).
2. Church and State; Desmond M Clarke; Cork UP, 1984.
2. The Secret War (RUC, SAS etc); Patsy McArdle, Mercier Press, 1984.
2. The Informers (supergrasses); Andrew Boyd, Mercier Press, 1984.
2. Terence MacSwiney Memorial Lectures 1986; intro by Ken Livingstone, Greater London Council.
. includes lectures by Desmond Greaves, Sean MacBride, Donall Mac Amhlaigh, Des Wilson, Liam de Paor and others.
2. The Origins of Irish Catholic Nationalism; ed Brendan Clifford (Cox 1807-15), Athol 1992.
2. Pleasant is the Scholar's Life: Irish Intellectuals and the Construction of the Nation-State; Maurice Goldring,
. Serif, London, 1993.
2. The Irish Language and the Unionist Tradition; ed Pilip Misteil; Ulster Peoples' College, 1994.
2. 1798, Myth and Truth; Derry Kelleher; Kestrel Books, 1998.
2. New Perspective on Ireland; ed Daltun O Ceallaigh, Leirmheas, 1998, contains essays by RJ, Brendan Bradshaw, Anthony Coughlan, Jack Bennett, mostly from the Greaves School.
2. 1798 Myth and Truth; Derry Kelleher, Kestrel Books, 1998.
2. Explaining Irish Democracy; Bill Kissane, UCD Press, 2002.
2. Bryan Fanning 2008; The Quest for Modern Ireland: the Battle of Ireas 1912-1986; Irish Academic Press.

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