Recent Historical and Contemporary Source Material

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We list these in groups in order of date of original publication. The grouping is subject to change as the list develops. Some are hotlinked, and those in the first group marked ** are potentially so, being accessible in review mode within the Century sector. Those marked 6 are of Irish Studies interest and are with Boston College; those marked 5 are of interest to the Labour History Society; 4 are of Quaker interet; 3 of family or personal research interest, 2 are of Irish Studies interest with Notre Dame, and 1? are perhaps of additional interest to the RDS.

Historical Studies of the Recent Past: Attic case 6 shelf 2
There is some overlap between this group and the other group which I have listed as background to the Century book; this also is relevant background in that context, but tends to be more recent. Some reallocation might make sense.

Ireland Since the Rising; Tim Pat Coogan, Pall Mall Press, London, 1966.
4. Pope Paul VI: Humanae Vitae Encyclical 1968. Catholic Truth Society, Dublin.
Le Drame de l'Irlande; Maurice Goldring; pb, Bordas, Paris, 1972.
Nichael Collins, la Naissance de l'IRA; Pierre Joannon; La Table Ronde, Paris, 1978.
**The Secret Army (the IRA); JB Bell 1970; revised edition Academy Press, Dublin, 1979.
Ambush at Tully-West: the British Intelligence Services in Action; Kennedy Lindsay, Dundrod, Dundalk, 1979.
War and an Irish Town; Eamonn McCann, Pluto Press, 1980.
Northern Ireland: a Problem to Every Solution; Denis Barritt; Quaker Peace & Service, 1982.
In Time of War: Ireland, Ulster and the Price of Neutrality, 1939-45; Robert Fisk, Paladin, 1983.
An End to Silence (in the NI context); Des Wilson; Mercier Press 1985.
3. One Girl's War (MI5 exploits, banned in UK); Joan Miller; Brandon 1986.
Disillusioned Decades: Ireland 1966-87; TP Coogan, Gill & Macmillan, 1987.
**The Provisional IRA; P Bishop & E Mallie, Heinmann 1987.
Stalker; John Stalker, Harrap, London, 1988.
4. The Irish Quakers; Maurice J Wigham 1992, Historical Committee of the RSF, 2003.
20th Century Ireland: Nation and State; Dermot Keogh, Gill & Macmillan, 1994.
The Dynamics of Conflict in Northern Ireland; J Ruane & J Todd, Cambridge UP 1996.
The IRA in the Twilight Years; Uinsean Mac Eoin, Argenta Press, Mountjoy Sqare, 1997.
Michael Collins and the Brotherhood; Vincent MacDowell; Ashfield Press, 1997.
The Committee: Political Assassination in Northern Ireland; Sean McPhilemy, Roberts Rinehart, USA, 1998.
Irish Review. 1798 commemorationissue; ed Frank McGuinness; Cork UP.
3. Rebels with a Cause: the Failure of the Left in Iran; Maziar Behrooz; IB Tauris, 1999.
Ireland and Empire: Colonial Legacies etc.. ; S Howe, Oxford UP, 2000.
How the Troubles came to Ireland; Peter Rose; Palgrave 2000.
**A Secret History of the IRA; Ed Moloney; Penguin 2002.

Shelf 3L:
Brian Feeney; Sinn Fein: 100 turbulent years; O'Brien Press, Dublin, 2002.
John Burrowes; Irish (in Glasgow); Mainstream, Edinburgh 2003-4.
Ireland in the 1950s: the Lost Decade; D Keogh et al (eds), Mercier 2004
From Political Violence to Negotiated Settlement; MJ Bric & J Coakley, UCD Press 2004.
Northern Ireland: the Origin of the Troubles; Thomas Hennessy, Gill & Macmillan 2005.
Ruairi O Bradaigh; biog by Robert W White; Indiana UP, 2006.
Intervening in Northern Ireland; John Barry & Maria Zalewski (eds); Routledge 2008.
Thoman Hennessey; The Origin of the Troubles; Gill Macmillan 2005.
Thomas Hennessey; The Evolution of the Troubles 1970-72; Irish Academic Press 2007.
Tom Mahon & James J Gillogly; Decoding the IRA; Mercier 2008.
Eoin O Broin; Sinn Fein and the Politics of Left Republicanism; Pluto 2009.
Ann le Mare & Felicity McCartney; Coming from the Silence; Sessions, York 2009.
Heather K Crawford; Outside the Glow (Protestants in Ireland); UCD Press 2010.

Shelf 3R has some material as yet unlisted, including Saothar 30, 31 & 34; 32 & 33 have gone missing.
The Republic (Ireland Institute, eds Finbar Cullen & Aonghus O Snodaigh):
. the first 4 issues, from 2001 to 2005;
. the latter has a critical review by the present writer of the earlier 3 issues.p>

Conference Proceedings; Attic, mostly in case 5, shelf 1L; some marked * on shelf 2.
Plunkett: a Symposium on Co-operation: Centenary Handbook; National Co-operative Council, 1954.
Proceedings of Manpower Policies Seminar, INPC, Malahide, Nov 1963.
* Wave and Tidal Energy (Cambridge, 1981); BRHA Fluid Engineering.
The Night After: Proc USSR scientists conference on nuclear war; 1983.
1? New Ireland Forum; Govt Publications 1984.
1? * IACHEI Conference 1985, Limerick, ed JA Watson & MJ McGinn (Higher Education consultants).
Revolution? Ireland 1917-23; Trinity History Workshop, 1990.
The Right Trees in the Right Places; ed Mollan & Maloney; RDS Forestry conference October 1990.
* Local Economic Development and Administrative Reform; James A Walsh (ed);
. Regional Studies Association (Irish Branch), 1991.
Ireland's Histories History Workshop Proceedings, ed Sean Hutton & Paul Stewart; Routledge 1991.
Reconsiderations of Irish History and Culture; ed Daltun O Ceallaigh; (Greaves School proceedings); Learmheas 1994.
1? Agriculture & the Environment; ed Michael Maloney; RDS March 1994.
1? Challenges of Sustainable Development; INES conference, Amsterdam, 1996.
5,4,3. Century of Endeavour; Roy Johnston:
. Academica 2003 (1 copy, bad index);
. Tyndall/Lilliput 2006 (revised index, author's annotated copy).
. Tyndall/Lilliput 2006 (revised index, stock copies at author's price €20).

Government and UN Publications; mostly attic case 5, shelf 3L; some marked * on shelf 2
1? Agricultural Statistics of Northern Ireland 1930-53, 6th report, 1957 (JJ).
1? Report on the Agricultural Institute; Macra na Feirme and NFA, 1955 (JJ).
1? National Income and Expenditure Reports: 1959, 1962, 1969.
1? Report of the Joint Working Party on the Economy of NI (Hall Report, 1962).
Closing the Gap (Incomes and Output); Feb 1963.
1? Second Programme for Economic Expansion, Aug 1963 (2 copies).
1? OECD economic surveys: Ireland 1962 and 63, Denmark 1963.
1? Science and Irish Economic Development, November 1963, in association with the OECD; the key authors were Patrick Lynch and Dusty Miller; the team included Charles Dillon, Diarmuid Murphy, Martin O'Donoghue, Bill Hyland, and the Secretary was Cathal Mac Gabhainn; I have usually referred to this as the '1964 OECD Report').
1? An Appraisement of Agricultural Co-operation in Ireland; JG Knapp; Dept of Agriculture, 1964.
1? National Industrial Economic Council Report on the Economic Situation, 1965.
1?Dail Eireann, Vol 219 #9; contains the Free Trade debate, January 1966.
1? Scottish Development Department, Report for 1966.
State Sponsored Bodies; Garrett Fitzgerald, IPA, 1961 (undated, but bill inside, to JJ).
The Dynamics of Irish Housing; Paul Pfretzschner, IPA 1965 (Ethna Viney).
1? * Renewable Energy Resources in the Developing Countries; World Bank, 1980.
1? * Mobilizing Renewable Energy Technology in Developing Countries etc; World Bank 1981.
1? * Report of the UN Conference on New and Renewable Energy Sources; UN 1981.
1? * Science and Engineering Expertise in Irish Higher Education; J Colgan & B Finucane, NBST 1981.
1? * Ireland and the Year 2000.. a National Strategy, ed R Mulvihill, M Conroy; Foras Forbartha 1983.
1? Social Mobility in the R of I, a comparative perspective; CT Whelan & BJ Whelan; ESRI 1984.
1? State Investment in Science and Technology; NBST 1986.
1? * Higher Education-Industry Co-operation and Technology Transfer: A discussion Document;
. National Board for Science and Technology (NBST), 1987.
1? * Time for Change: Industrial Policy for the 1990s; policy review group, 1992.
1? * Access to College: Patterns of Continuity and Change; Patrick Clancy, Higher Education Authority (HEA), 1995.
1? Challenges and Opportunities Abroad: white paper on foreign policy; DFA, Dublin, 1996.
1? * College Entry in Focus: a 4th National Survey..,; Patrick Clancy, HEA, 2001.
1? A More Secure World: Our Shared Responsibility; UN Sec-Gen's Panel on Threats etc, 2004.
Pilot, Project-related, 'grey' reports: attic, bookcase 7
1? A Plan for Education; Irish National Teachers' Organisation, 1947.
1? *Industrial Potential of Ireland: an Appraisal; Ibec Technical Services Corporation, New York, 1952.
1? Tuairim Report on the Belfield Project, Harold Clarke, Joe McCullagh, Frank Winder et al, 1959.
1? The Prospects for Mankind, and a Year 2000 Ideology; no named author, Hudson Institute,
. New York, Paris and Tokyo, 1971.
1? Invention and the Irish Patent System; HJP Murdoch; TCD Admin Research Bureau, 1971
Institute of Behavioural Science: Prospectus 1974-80; Brendan McGann et al; includes RJ correspondence.
1? Report of the Hansard Society Commission on Electoral Reform, June 1976.
1? Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Lessons Drawn from Denmark and Norway;
. A Breathnach and A Aylward, EIE Research Programme, 1984. (already in RDS?)
The Impact of Land Re-distribution in Ireland, 1923-1974; Patrick Commins (Teagasc), RDS 1993.
1? Human Rights in the NI Peace and Reconciliation context; Kevin Boyle,Colm Campbell, Tom Hadden,
. Forum for Peace and Reconciliation, Dublin Castle, 1996.
A Better Choice of Choice: quality of life, consumption and economic growth; Fabian Society, 2003.
1? Promoting & Protectin Human Rights in Irish Society; Human Rights Commission, 2003.
Young Social Innovators of the Year, guidelines 2004.
Engaging Citizens: report of the Democracy Commission; ed Clodagh Harris, TASC at New Island, 2005.
Reference Books: attic bookcase 6, shelf 1R
Mr Chairman!, Wal Hannington; Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1950.
Dictionary of International Biography, 1973; Melrose Press, Cambridge, pt 1 A-K; JJ is in it
Ireland: the past 20 years; ed Jim O'Donnell; IPA 1986.
The Development Dictionary; Wolfgang Sachs (ed, 1992); pb Witwatersrand UP, 1993.
Bunreacht ne hEireann, as amended 1992; also as amended up to 1941, purchased 1969.
College of St Columba; Register 1843-1993; JG Buchanan, OCS 1993.
4. Biographical Dictionary of Irish Quakers; Richard S Harrison, Four Courts Press, 1997.
Modern Irish Lives; Louis McRedmond (ed), Gill & Macmillan 1998.
Sustainable Ireland Source Book; Voice 2000.
IEI Register of Members 2005.

Transferred elsewhere
Those coded 1 are with the RDS, 2 are with Notre Dame (Dublin), 5 Labour History Society, 6 Boston College (Dublin).

5. Economic Development White Paper (Whitaker), 1958.
5. Programme for Economic Expansion, Nov 1958.
5. Ireland: Divided Nation, Divided Class; ed Austin Morgan & Bob Purdie; U of Warwick Marxist seminar 1978,
. Ink Links, London, 1980.
5. Education in Denmark; Danish Ministry of Education, 1980.
5. The Co-operative Movement in Denmark; pamphlet, undated, but associated with the above.
5. The Rise of the Irish Working-Class; Dermot Keogh, Appletree Press, 1982.
5. Communism in Modern Ireland; Mike Milotte, Gill & Macmillan 1984.
5. Northern Ireland: the International Perspective; Adrain Guelke, Gill & Macmillan, 1988.
5. **The Politics of Illusion: Republicanism and Socialism in Modern Ireland; Henry Patterson; Hutchinson 1989.
5. 1916 As History; C Desmond Greaves, Fulcrum Press, Dublin 1991.
5. Labour and Partition; Austen Morgan; Pluto Press, 1991.
5. Who's Who 1916-23; Padraic O'Farrell, Lilliput 1997.
5. Gerry Fitt: Political Chameleon; Michael A Murphy; Mercier Press, 2007.

In Box RJ.RDS1 (series 2) for transfer with second lot (2010):
1. Inter-departmental Committee on Problems of Small Western Farms, 1961:
. Pilot Area Development Report;
. Report, with minority reservations etc;
. both the above were JJ concerns and RJ took them up.
1. Science and Economic Growth: conference proceedings, IIRS, 1/12/1963.
1. Psychological Barriers to Economic Achievement; P Pentony, ESRI, Feb 1965.
1. Third Programme of Economic and Social Development 1969-72; 1969.
1. Report on State Expenditire in relation to Agriculture, 1970.
1. Directory of State Services, 1971.
1. Census of population, preliminary report 1971.
1. Many Voices, One World; ed Sean MacBride; UNESCO Report, 1980.
1. Irish Arctic Expedition 1981; GE Wardell et al, (NBST?)
1. Ireland's Wave-power Resource; Denis Mollison, NBST 1982.
1. Combined Heat and Power: towards a policy for Ireland; D Kearney (ed), NBST 1983.(missing?)
1. Fuel Peat in Developing Countries; PJ Coffey et al (ed), World Bank & Bord na Mona 1984.
1. Electricity in Ireland; D Begg & B McSweeney; ESB Officers Association, 1984.
1. 7th international peat congress, Dublin, June 18-23, 1984; 4 vols, Irish National Peat Committee, Bord na Mona;
. for the Internation Peat Society, Helsinki, Finland. In-depth review exists by RJ.
1. Integrated Programmes, Resource Development and the Regions; JP Davis & H van der Kemp,
. Regional Studies Association (Irish Branch), 1988.
1. Science, Green Issues and the Environment; DDG McMillan, C O'Rourke, DJ Fry & ND McMillan (eds)
. Tyndall Publications, Carlow, 1995.
1. Rural Ireland 2025: JA Walsh & PJ Mannion et al; UCD & NUIM 2005.
1. The Irish Agri-Food Industry: a Perspective; Joe Cogan; NITM/UCD, 2005.
1. Strong Farmer; memoirs of Joe Ward (store cattle trade); Liberties Press 2007.
1. History of Irish Farming 1750-1950; J Bell & M Watson; Four Courts Press 2009 hb.

2. Disturbances in Northern Ireland (Cameron Report); HMSO Belfast, 1969.
2. The Irish Co-operative Movement: its History and Development; Patrick Bolger, IPA 1977.
2. The Irish Hunger Strike; Tom Collins, White Island, Dublin & Belfast, 1986.
2. De Valera's Irelands; G Doherty & D Keogh (eds); Mercier, Cork 2003.
2. Ulster and Scotland, 1600-2000; W Kelly & JR Young (eds), Four Courts Press 2004.
2. Henry Patterson 2006/7; Ireland since 1939: the Persistence of Conflict; Penguin.
2. Northern Ireland's '68; Simon Prince; Irish Academic Press, 2007.

Transferred to Boston College (Dublin)
6,1. Arms and the Men: Ireland in Turmoil; Seamus Brady, samizdat 1971.
6. The Genesis of Revolution; James Kelly, Kelly Kane ltd, 1976.
6,1. History and Memory in Modern Ireland (historians conference, Durham, 1998); (ed) Ian McBride, Cambridge UP 2001.
6,1. Nation, Region, Identity; conference in TCD, Sept 2000; Centre for Irish-Scottish Studies, Dublin, 2001.
6,1. Forging an Identity; Dennis Kennedy (ed), proc Irish Association conference, 1999.
6,1. Changing Shades of Orange and Green; John Coakley (ed), UCD IBIS series of lectures; UCD Press, 2002.
6,1. Nothing but Trouble; Dennis Kennedy (ed), proc IA conference 2003.
6. Ireland in the Year 2000; proceedings of a colloquy, Kilkea Castle, 1980, Foras Forbartha.
6. Century of Endeavour; Roy Johnston; Tyndall/Lilliput 2006 (revised index, stock copy)
6. Irish Republicanism, the Authentic Perspective; Derry Kelleher, Justice Books, Greystones, 2001.
6. Buried Alive in Ireland; Derry Kelleher, Justice Books, Greystones, 2001.

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