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Historical Background

We list these in groups in order of date of original publication. The grouping is subject to change as the list develops. Numerical prefixes indicate library interests; 1 RDS, 2 Notre Dame Irish Studies in Dublin, 3 indicates family retention interest, 4 Quakers, 5 Labour History Society, 6 indicates interest by Boston College Irish Studies in Dublin; anyone interested should contact RHWJ at e-mail rjtechne at iol dot ie. NB the existence of an expressed interest by a niche library does not imply a final decision has been made. RJ.

General European Historical and Philosophical Background (case 2, front room downstairs)

Shelf 1L:
T Hobbes 1651, Leviathan; ed Pogson Smith, Oxford/Clarendon 1909-29; Hollander Collection.
J-J Rousseau 1762, Social Contract; 1984 US edition, along with Discourse on Political Economy.
RW Emerson 1841, Essays, 1st & 2nd series; JM Dent, London, 1906.
Herbert Spencer 1854-9, Essays on Education; Everyman/Dent 1911-46; Hollander collection.
Ernest Renan 1863, The Life of Jesus; Watts, London, 1935-47, TW Moody collection.
PW Joyce; Old Celtic Romances; Longmans Green, 1907.
HG Wells 1920-24, Outline of History; 4 volumes, Macmillan, 4th edition.
V Gordon Childe:
. 1942-48 What Happened in History; Pelican, London.
. 1944 Progress and Archaeology; Watts, London.
David Thomson 1957; Europe Since Napoleon, Pelican 1966-75.
JR Hale 1961, Machiavelli and Renaissance Italy; Pelican 1972.
WH van de Pol 1964, World Protestantism; Sheed & Ward, 1964.
Hubert Marcuse 1964, One Dimensional Man; Sphere Books, London.
(5) E Rumpf & AC Hepburn 1977; Nationalism and Socialism in 20th Century Ireland; Liverpool UP. (missing)
Roy Medvedev 1979, The October Revolution; Constable, London.
Mikhail Gorbachev 1987, Perestroika: new thinking etc; Collins.
3. (5) Maire MacSweeney Brugha; History's Daughter; O'Brien Press 2005.
Treaty of Lisbon; National Forum on Europe, Chairman's Report 2008.

Joe Johnston's Published Works

(These are mostly in the Linen Hall Library; the ones listed here are additional copies which I have retained, currently in case 2, shelf 1, right.

Civil War in Ulster; Sealy Bryers & Walker, Dublin 1913, fragile pb, donated by JJ to D M Carmody;
. reprinted UCD Press 1999; available in part here and in Century knowledge-base.
Food Production in France in Time of War; Maunsel, 1916.
A Groundwork of Economics; Educational Co of Ireland, 1926.
The Nemesis of Economic Nationalism; pamphlet, Talbot Press, 1933 (public lecture)
The Nemesis of Economic Nationalism; PS King & son, London, 1934 (2 copies).
The Compleat Angler: the Tutorial System; Jack Point (ie JJ); Dublin UP 1935.
Price Ratios in Recent Irish Agricultural Experience; reprint from Economic Journal, Dec 1937.
Irish Agriculture, Then and Now; in The Manchester School, Oct 1940.
Post-War Planning in Irish Agriculture; Irish Independent article series; pamphlet circa 1946;
. includes JJ and other authors incl JN Greene, Dr Henry Kennedy, Capt ER Orpen....
Irish Agriculture in Transition; Blackwell, London, 1951 (2 copies).
Wealth from the Land; reprint of 18 articles from the Irish Times by JJ et al, circa 1954.
The Sickness of the Irish Economy; Irish Association, 1957 (5 copies)
Why Ireland Needs the Common Market; Mercier Press, Cork, 1962 (annotated copy)
Irish Economic Headaches: a Diagnosis; Aisti Eireannacha II, 1966.
Bishop Berkeley's Querist in Historical Perspective; Dundalgan Press, 1970.
Dictionary of International Biography, Vol 1; Melrose Press 1973 (JJ entry therein).

Shelf 2, left:
Martin Bernal 1987-91, Black Athena: the Afro-Asiatic Roots of Classical Civilization (2 vols); Free Association.

Specifically Irish-related background history; case 2, shelf 2, middle, right:

This group should be considered in association with with the recent historical group; an argument could be made for dividing the groups by reference to some date, perhaps World War 2; in fact a case could be made for an integrated approach to all material relating to the Irish historical background. I may get around to doing this.

Ben Kiely 1945; Counties of Contention; Mercier 2004, intro by John Hume.
TA Jackson 1947, Ireland Her Own; Cobbett Press. London.
Cecil Woodham-Smith 1962, The Great Hunger; Four Square 1965.
Sean Cronin 1980; Irish Nationalism; Academy Press (Pluto).
JM Feehan 1981, The Shooting of Michael Collins: Murder or Accident? Mercier, Cork.
Elaine McClure; Bodies in Our Backyard; Ulster Society, 1993 (war record).
Stephen Campbell; The Great Irish Famine; Famine Museum 1994.
Deirdre Kelly; Four Roads to Dublin; O/'Brien Press, 1996.
Brian Jenkins; The Fenian Problem: Insurgence & Terrorism in the Liberal State; Liverpool UP 2009.
Kieran Sheedy 1988, Upon the Mercy of Government (Michael Dwyer); RTE.
JJ Lee 1989, Ireland 1912-1985: Politics and Society; Cambridge UP.
Paul Bew, Ken Darwin & Gordon Gillespie; Passion and Prejudice 1993; Inst of Irish Studies, Belfast.
ATQ Stewart:
. 1993, A Deeper Silence: the Hidden Origins of the United Irishmen; Blackstaff.
. 2004, From the United Irishmen to 20th Century Unionism; Four Courts Press. Dublin.
Stephen Campbell 1994; The Great Irish Famine; Famine Museum, Strokestown.
Nicholas Allen 2003, George Russell and the New Ireland, 1905-30; Four Courts, Dublin.
Dennis Kennedy (ed); 2004 Nothing but Trouble: religion and the Irish question; Irish Association.
Irene Whelan 2005, The Bible Wars in Ireland (...1800-1940); Lilliput Press, Dublin.
Roy H W Johnston 2006; Century of Endeavour; Tyndall/Lilliput.

Explicitly Related to Century Book; Shelf 3, left:

James Connolly:
. Labour in Irish History; Maunsel 1910;
. Labour, Nationality & Religion; New Books 1954-69.
George O'Brien 1945, Some Queries Regarding Cheap Money; reprint from Studies, Dec 1945.
Ben Kiely 1945; Counties of Contention; Mercier 2004.
KC Bailey; A History of Trinity College, Dublin; DUP & Hodges Figgis, 1947 (JJ's).
MJ Costello 1953 (pamphlet, JJ annotated), Farming Programme for Ireland; Irish Sugar Co.
Richard Rose 1971, Governing Without Consensus: an Irish Perspective; Faber & Faber.
C Desmond Greaves:
. The Irish Crisis; Lawrence & Wishart, 1972;
. The Irish Transport and General Workers' Union: the Formative Years; Gill & Macmillan for ITGWU, 1982.
Denis Barritt 1982; Northern Ireland: a Problem to Every Solution; Quaker Peace & Service, 1982.
MJ Akbar 1988; Nehru: the Making of India; Viking, London.
A History of St Columba's College; GK White; Old Columban Society, 1980.
(ed) Desmond Rea 1983, Political Co-operation in Divided Societies; Gill & Macmillan.
John Hume 1996: Personal Views etc; intros by Douglas Gageby & Ted Kennedy, Town House.
Mary E Daly 1997, The Spirit of Earnest Inquiry; SSISI.
Donal McCartney 1999; UCD: a National Idea; Gill & Macmillan.
GK Peatling 2000; New Liberalism, JL Hammond and the Irish Problem, 1897-1949; Blackwell, Historical Research, February 2000.
Terence Dooley 2004, The Land for the People: the land question in independent Ireland; UCD Press.
Sean Swan; Official Republicanism; 2006.
Brian Hanley & Scott Millar 2009; The Lost Revolution; Penguin, Ireland.

Biography etc; Shelf 3, right:

Biographies here have usually a political dimension related to the Century project, one way or another. There are other biographical groupings in the literary and scientific areas.

(5) William Morris, romantic to revolutionary; E P Thompson 1955; Pantheon, New York, 1976, (missing).
Fiery Cross: the Story of Jim Larkin; Joseph Deasy, New Books Publications 1963, Dublin.
Joseph biographical novel based on life of Stalin); Mervyn Jones, Jonathan Cape 1970.
Thomas Johnson; J Anthony Gaughan; Kingdon Books, 1980.
Patricia Cockburn married to Claude Cockburn, Figure of Eight; Brandon 1985.
Solzhenitsyn; Michael Scammell, Collins/Grafton/Paladin, London, 1986.
Michael Collins; Tim Pat Coogan, Hutchinson 1990.
Teilhard de Chardin 1994; Ristead O Glaisne; Coisceim; as gaeilge; ta abhar ann faoi Kelleher agus mise RJ.
Denis Carroll 1995, The Man from God Knows Where: Thomas Russell 1767-1803; Gartan (Columba Press).
Memoirs of Senator JG Douglas; JA Gaughan (ed), UCD Press, 1998, JJ5.
William of Orange: a Dedicated Life; Cecil Kilpatrick, Education Committee of GOL, 1998.
Gerry Adams: Hope and History (autobiog); Brandon, 2003.
3. Plunkett Family; memoir by Geraldine Plunkett Dillon 1891-1986, ed Honor O Brolchain; A&A Farmar, Dublin, 2006.
Sir Horace Plunkett; Maurice Colbert; samizdat, perhaps with ICOS blessing, 2009.

Shelf 4, left: Hollander collection (Humanist flavour)...

JG Frazer; Psyche's Task (superstition and institutions); Macmillan, London, 1909.
J Arthur Thomson; Darwinism & Human Life (South African Lectures 1909); Melrose, London, 1909.
W P Montague; The Ways of Knowing or the Methods of Philosophy; Allen & Unwin, London, 1925.
Viscount Haldane; Human Experience; John Murray, Londin, 1926.
Herbert W Carr; Changing Backgroounds in Religion and Ethics; Macmillan, London, undated but circa 1920s.
J Gordon Hayes; Institutional Christianity in England; Richards, London, 1930.
Ernest Crawley; Oath, Curse and Blessing; Watts, London, 1934.
J Lewis, K Polanyi & DK Kitchin (eds); Christianity and the Social Revolution; Gollancz 1935
David Forsyth; Psychology and Religion; Watts, London. 1935.
Sir James Jeans et al; Scientific Progress; Allen & Unwin 1935.
TG Masaryk; Modern Man and Religion; (tr A Bibza & V Benes); Allen & Unwin, London, 1938.
Lord Raglan; Jocasta's Crime: an anthropological study; Watts, London, 1940.

Shelf 5: Literature from the Americas

listed in general.htm#amerlit

Shelf 6: JJ's Nenagh books (1972)

listed in jjviamcc.htm#booksjjmcc72

Transferred, or for eventual transfer:

Those coded 1 are for the RDS, 2 have been transferred to Notre Dame (Dublin), also 6 to Boston College, (Dublin); 5 have been transferred to the Labour History Society.

6. James Stephens; American Diary, Brooklyn 1859; ed Marta Ramon; UCD Press 2009.
6. George Moore 1887, Parnell and his Island; ed Carla King, UCD Press 2004.
6. James Connolly 1910; Labour in Irish History; New Books, Dublin, 1967.
6. WS Kerr 1931; The Independence of the Celtic Church in Ireland; SPCK, London.
6. Labhras O Nuallain 1952, Ireland: Finances of Partition; Clonmore & Reynolds, Dublin.
6. (ed) Donal Nevin 1964, Jim Larkin and the Dublin Lockout; Workers Union of Ireland.
6. Maire Comerford 1969, The First Dail; Joe Clarke.
6. Nollaig O Gadhra 1976, John Boyle O'Reilly agus an Glor Gael-Mheiriceanach; Foilseachain Naisiunta.
6. T J Morrissey SJ 1983; Towards a National University: William Delaney SJ (1835-1924); Wolfhound Press, Dublin.
6. Joe Joyce & Peter Murtagh 1983, The Boss: Charles J Haughey in Government; Poolbeg Press.
6. Fergus Kelly 1988; A Guide to Early Irish Law; Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.
6. (ed) Brendan Clifford:
6. Cork Free Press, 1910-16, reprints relating to AFIL, Athol 1984.
6. Roger Casement, 1914; The Crime Against Europe; Athol Books 2002.

To Labour History (code 5, boxed and delivered):

gone missing:
5 Misha Glenny 1992, The Fall of Yugoslavia; Penguin.

Box LH1:
5. C Desmond Greaves:
. 1961, Life and Times of James Connolly; Lawrence & Wishart, London.
. 1971 Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution; Lawrence & Wishart.
5. The Irish Labour Movement, WP Ryan, Talbot Press, v tattered copy, circa 1920.
5. (ed) Donal Nevin 1964, Jim Larkin and the Dublin Lockout; Workers Union of Ireland.
5. Brian Hanley & Scott Millar 2009; The Lost Revolution; Penguin-Ireland.(2nd copy).
5. Standish O'Grady 1912; To the Leaders of our Working People; EA Hagan (ed), UCD Press 2002.
5. Roger Eatwell 1996; Fascism - a History; Vintage.
5. EH Carr 1979, The Russian Revolution from Lenin to Stalin, 1917-29; Macmillan.
5. Eric Hobsbawm:
. Age of Extremes 1994: The Short 20thC 1914-1991; Abacus, London.
. On History 1997; Abacus, London.
. Interesting Times (autobiog); Abacus 2002, (2 copies).
. Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism 2007; Abacus 2008.
5. Beatrice & Sidney Webb 1935, Soviet Communism: a New Civilisation? TU edition.
5. Hugh Thomas 1961, The Spanish Civil War; Eyre & Spottiswood 1961, Penguin 1965.
5. Oscar J Hammen 1969, The Red '48ers: Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels; Scribners, NY.
5. Archibald Robertson:
. 1949 The French Revolution; Watts, London.
. 1953 The Origins of Christianity; Lawrence & Wishart, London.
5. George Woodcock 1977, The Anarchist Reader; Fontana/Collins.
5. Christopher Hill 1947, Lenin and the Russian Revolution; Hodder & Stoughton, London.
5. CP Fitzgerald 1952; The Birth of Communist China; Pelican 1964-7.
5. Alex Rabinowitch 1976 (US ed), The Bolsheviks Come to Power; NLB London 1979.

Box LH2:
5. J-J Rousseau 1762 ,Social Contract; intro GDH Cole, Everyman/Dent 1913-46; Hollander Collection.
5. Thomas Paine:
. 1782 The Rights of Man; Watts, London, 1937-49.
. 1795 The Age of Reason; Watts, London, 1938-45.
5. Richard Harrison:
. Irish Anti-War Movements, 1824-1974; Irish Peace Publications, 1986.
. The Richardsons of Bessbrook: Ulster Quakers in the Linen Industry; samizdat 2008.
5. David Howell 1986, A Lost Left: 3 studies in nationalism and socialism; Manchester UP.
. this was reviewed by RJ in Books Ireland circa Nov 1986; a more detailed review exists done for Saothar.
5. Eoin Neeson 1966, The Civil War in Ireland; Mercier Press, Cork.
5. Tom Garvin 1996; 1922 - the Birth of Irish Democracy; Gill & Macmillan, JJ5.
5. James Connolly 1910, Labour, Nationality and Religion; New Books 1954, 1969, 2 copies.
5. Conor Cruise O'Brien 1994; Ancestral Voices; Poolbeg.
5. CJ O'Donnell & Brendan Clifford 1992; Ireland in the Great War; Athol Books, 1992.
5. Terence MacSwiney 1910-11 / 1921, Principles of Freedom; Irish Book Bureau, 1964.
5. Frank Robbins 1977 (Under the Starry Plough); Academy Press.
5. Sean Cronin 1980, Frank Ryan; Repsol/Skellig.
5. Carlton Younger 1968, Ireland's Civil War; pb Fontana 1986.
5. Liam de Paor 1970, Divided Ulster; Penguin.
5. Thomas Pakenham; The Year of Liberty (1798 etc); Granada 1969.
5. Joseph Lee 1973, The Modernisation of Irish Society 1848-1918; Gill & Macmillan.
5. Michael O'Riordan 1979, Connolly Column (Irish who fought for the Spanish Republic); New Books, Dublin.
5. Robert Kee on Parnell 1993; The Laurel and the Ivy: Hamish Hamilton, London.
5. Richard Pankhurst 1954, William Thompson (1775-1833): Pioneer Socialist; Pluto Press 1991.
5. Claude Cockburn 1957 (autobiog), In Time of Trouble; Readers Union, Rupert Hart-Davis, London.
5. Con Cremin: Ireland's Wartime Diplomat; Niall Keogh, Mercier Press, 2006.
5. Dorothy Macardle, a Life; Nadia Clara Smith; Woodfil;ed Press, Dublin, 2007.
5. Mary Robinson: a President with a Purpose; Fergus Finlay, O'Brien Press, 1990.
5. The Life and Death of Petra Kelly; Sara Parkin, Pandora, London, 1994.
5. A Soldier of Liberty; Peter O'Connor (Spanish Civil War), MSF, 15 Merrion Sq, Dublin 2, 1996.
5. Thanks for the Tea, Mrs Browne; Phyllis Browne, New Island Books, 1998.

Delivered to Notre Dame:

2. Thomas Davis (1845?), The Patriot Parliament of 1689, ed Gavan Duffy, Sealy Bryers & Walker, Dublin, 1893.
2. John Mitchell:
. 1854, Jail Journal; preface by Arthur Griffith, MH Gill, Dublin, no date given.
. 1860+?, The Last Conquest of Ireland (perhaps); Burns, Oates & Washbourne, London, author's edition, pb.
2. Paschal Grousset, 1887; Ireland's Disease: the English in Ireland;
. intro by translator Constance Farrington Conner; Blackstaff Press, 1986.
2. Erskine Childers 1903; The Riddle of the Sands; Sidgwick & Jackson, 1972.
2. Anna Parnell 1907, The Tale of a Great Sham; ed Dana Hearne, Arlen House, 1986.
2. Rev Robert O'Loughran 1919; Redmond's Vindication; Talbot Press, Dublin.
2. History of Dungannon; JJ Marshall, Tyrone Courier and Dungannon News, 1929.
2. RA Anderson 1935; With Plunkett in Ireland: the Co-op Organiser's Story; Irish Academic Press 1983, JJ5.
2. HG Leask 1951, Irish Castles; Dundalgan Press.
2. Desmond Clarke, 1951; Thomas Prior 1681-1751; Three Candles for the RDS.
2. Tyrone Precinct; WR Hutchinson, Erskine Mayne, Belfast, 1951.
2. H Montgomery Hyde 1953, Carson; Constable, London, 1974.
2. G A Hayes-McCoy 1964; The Irish at War (Thomas Davis Lectures), Mercier.
2. Donaghmore; Eamon O Doibhlin; Irish World, Dungannon, 1968.
2. Keith Middlemas (ed) 1971, Thomas Jones Whitehall Diary; Oxford UP.
2. Muriel McCarthy 1980, All Graduates and Gentlemen: Marsh's Library; O'Brien Press.
2. Donal McCartney 1983, The NUI and Eamonn de Valera; UP of Ireland.
2. CC Trench 1986, The Great Dan (biog of Daniel O'Connell); Triad Grafton, London.
2. John Anderson - Entrepreneur; Niall Brunicardi, Eigse Books, Fermoy, 1987.
2. John Dunlop 1995, A Precarious Belonging: Presbyterians and the Conflict in Ireland; Blackstaff.
2. Roger Blaney 1996, Presbyterians and the Irish Language; Ulster Historical Foundation.
2. Hazel: A Life of Lady Lavery; Sinead McCoole; Lilliput Press, 1996.
2. Deeds Not Words: the Life and Works of Muriel Gahan; Geraldine Mitchell, Town House, 1997.

Transferred also to ND, despite ILHS interest; the latter have agreed to defer to the overall Irish Studies requirements; this can perhaps be looked at again in the event that an integrated catalogue network develops:

2. AE Dobbs 1881:
. 1881 Home Rule, Imperial and National; Spottiswood, London; reprinted Ponsonby & Gibbs, Dublin UP 1908, JJ5.
. 1910 Real Representation for Great Britain and Ireland; Ponsonby, Dublin, JJ5;
(both Dobbs books are signed Rev WP Carmody, with author's compliments, indicating an interest in Home Rule by my sister's father-in-law, the Dean of Down. RJ.)
2. Joseph Danieffe NY 1906, Personal Narrative of the IRB; Irish UP, Shannon, 1969.
2. PS O'Hegarty 1924; The Victory of Sinn Fein; UCD Press 1998.
2. George Dangerfield 1935; The Strange Death of Liberal England; Serif 1997.
2. T de Vere White 1948, Kevin O'Higgins: strong man in the Free State...; Anvil 1966.
2. Michael Sheehy ~1949, Divided We Stand: a Study of Partition; fwd by JJ Horgan, Faber & Faber.
2. FSL Lyons:
. 1960-62 The Fall of Parnell 1890-91; Routledge & Kegan Paul.
. 1973 Ireland Since the Famine; Collins/Fontana 1973.
. 1977 Charles Stewart Parnell; Collins/Fontana.
2. Frank Pakenham 1962; Peace by Ordeal; Chapman, London.
2. Dan Breen; My Fight for Irish Freedom; (Talbot 1924) Anvil pb 1964.
2. Maurice Craig 1969, Dublin 1660-1860; Allen Figgis, Dublin.
2. Lewis P Curtis jr 1971, Apes and Angels: the Irishman in Victorian Caricature; David & Charles, Newton Abbot.
2. ATQ Stewart, The Ulster Crisis (1912-14); Blackstaff 1967; reprint 1997.
2. Andrew Boyle 1977, The Riddle of Erskine Childers; Hutchinson, JJ5.
2. P Bew & H Patterson 1982, Sean Lemass and the Makings of Modern Ireland; Gill & Macmillan.
2. John Bowman 1982; De Valera and the Ulster Quesion; Clarendon Press, Oxford.
2. (ed) PJ Drudy 1982, Ireland: Land, Politics and People; Cambridge UP; RJ review in BooksI circa May 83.
2. Noel Browne 1986, Against the Tide; Gill & Macmillan.
2. Paisley; Ed Moloney & Andy Pollak, Poolbeg 1986.
2. Catherine Shannon 1988, Arthur J Balfour and Ireland; CUA Press, JJ5.
2. Brendan Clifford 1989, Belfast in the French Revolution; Belfast Historical and Educational Assoc.
2. Wolfe Tone; Marianne Elliott; Yale UP, 1989.
2. Vivienne Abbott 1989, An Irishman's Revolution: the Abbe Edgeworth and Louis XVI; Kavanagh Press, Dublin.
2. Liam Swords 1989, The Green Cockade: the Irish in the French Revolution 1789-1815; Glendale.
2. Flann Campbell 1991, The Dissenting Voice; Blackstaff.
2. Sean MacBride:
. AJ Jordan, Blackwater Press, 1993.
. Sean MacBride: That Day's Struggle; ed Catriona Lawlor, Curragh Press, 2005.
. An Irish Statesman and Revolutionary; Elizabeth Keane, Taurus, London & New York, 2006.
2. Mary Robinson: the Life and Times of an Irish Liberal; Michael O'Sullivan, Blackwater Press, 1993.
2. Memoir: my Life and Themes; Conor Cruise O'Brien, Poolbeg Press, 1998.
2. Noel Browne: Passionate Outsider; John Horgan; Gill & Macmillan 2000.

transferred to Una Johnston Nov 2010:
Thomas Pakenham 1991(?); The Scramble for Africa; Abacus, London.
Robert Kee on Parnell 1993; The Laurel and the Ivy: Hamish Hamilton, London.
Sidney Gifford Czira, The Years Flew By; Gifford and Craven, Dublin 1974.
Eric Hobsbawm; Interesting Times (autobiog); Abacus 2002.
Longitude; Dava Sobel, Fourth Estate, 1996-8.
Naomi Klein; No Logo (no space, choice, jobs...); Flamingo 2000.
Lewis Mumford 1938, The Culture of Cities; Secker & Warburg, London, 1938-45 (school prize).
The Story of the Abbey Theatre; Sean McCann; Four Square, 1967; pb.
My Apprenticeship; Maxim Gorky 1916, FLPH, Moscow, 1952.
My Universities; Maxim Gorky 1923, FLPH, Moscow, 1952.
M Gorky Selected Works, FLPH, Moscow, 1948.
Robert Lloyd Praeger; The Way that I Went; Hodges Figgis, Dublin 1947.
Daphne Pochin Mould; The Mountains of Ireland; Batsford, London 1955.
Mary McGarry ed; Great Folk Tales of Old Ireland; illustr Richard Hook; Wolfe, London 1972.

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