Science, Technology and the Nation

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Some current, recent and earlier publications by Dr Roy H W Johnston,
Techne Associates,

mostly socio-economic, socio-technical, socio-political, some historical, in all cases related to the interaction of global scientific culture with the local national techno-economic culture, mostly in the Irish context.
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As background to this work I have collected over the years a good few books, which I am in the process of listing in a (growing) classified catalogue. Any person or organisation interested in taking over selected volumes or groupings is welcome to contact me; the address can be reconstructed from roy at rjtechne dot ie. The index is in process of reconstruction, due to the disturbance of having moved house in 2011; I am only now getting tound to it. RHWJ April 2014.


Objectives of this web-site: a 'mission statement':

This web site is mainly a record of publications by RHWJ which explore the relationship between the evolving culture of science, with its roots in ancient Greece, mediaeval Islam, the European Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and the (also evolving) culture of Irish nationality, with its roots in a complex variety of local economic, social, political, linguistic and religious traditions.

It is also dedicated to exploring how this experience might be of value in other emergent nations making the transition from colonial to post-colonial status, and to fostering the convergence of all scientific specialist disciplines, including the physical, biological, social, economic and political sciences, towards a holistic philosophical dynamic.

The site is under continuous development and comments are welcome. The author may be contacted by e-mail, with an address which can be reconstructed from the URL of this site, according to convention.

Some navigational notes:

The foregoing gives an initial listing of the works covered in this site. In any of the modules, if a highlighted word is accompanied by a number, it brings up a footnote, or a hotlinked reference in a related reference-page. In most browsers, if you click on the 'Back' button, it will bring to to the point of departure in the document from which you came.

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