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We are establishing links to other web-sites; first some with a 'sustainability' flavour:

Some science and knowledge-related sites: Some sites relating to the issue of world peace: Specialist niche cultural sites:
  • Bob Mahony's annual Swift seminar which has since 2002 given some background insights into Irish colonial culture; this site remains under development and we give here a partial record.
Sites with a focused political objective: We will add more from time to time when it seems relevant; we are open to suggestions for exchanges of links and are contactable at rjtechne at iol dot ie. (RJ March 2012).

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The foregoing gives an initial listing of the works covered in this site. In any of the modules, if a highlighted word is accompanied by a number, it brings up a footnote or a reference in a related reference-page. In most browsers, if you click on the 'Back' button, it will bring to to the point of departure in the document from which you came.

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